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Dr. Lynn Murrell, founder Kedron Valley Veterinary ClinicKedron Valley Veterinary Clinic was founded in 1978 by Dr. Lynn Murrell. A former engineer, Dr. Murrell settled with his wife and two children in South Woodstock, Vermont.

Before the renovations to his new clinic were complete, Dr. Murrell began seeing patients; his first office visit occurred in the driveway, treating a litter of puppies on the tailgate of a pickup truck.

Through the years, the practice expanded. Dr Heather Hoyns took over the large animal visits, eventually buying that portion of the business and starting her own practice.

In 2004, Dr. Philippa Richards joined the Kedron Valley team. Dr. Richard’s decade of experience offered clients new perspectives for the treatment and care of their pets. Two years later, Kedron Valley Veterinary Clinic became a family affair.

After a brief foray into teaching and the corporate world, Dr. Murrell’s daughter truly followed in her father’s footsteps, earning her DVM degree. Returning to her home town, Dr. Blakeley Murrell-Liland prepared to step into her dad’s shoes and allow him to ease into retirement.

In 2008, Dr. Richards became a full business partner. With three veterinarians, the practice had outgrown the original clinic building. A year later, the renovations to the new location were finished and Kedron Valley Veterinary Clinic moved to Woodstock, Vermont.

Dr. Murrell travels to Africa every year to work with gorillas in Africa through the organization Conservation Through Public Health.

The address has changed, but not the family atmosphere and quality of care set by Dr. Murrell over thirty years ago.

Addendum: After gradually decreasing his office hours, Dr. Lynn Murrell, the founder of Kedron Valley Veterinary Clinic, officially retired in June, 2012. His time is now spent playing with his four grandsons or travelling with his wife, Judy. Unable to completely give up his passion for animals, Dr. Murrell travels to Africa every year to work with gorillas in Uganda.