Diagnostic Services

Digital Radiographs
Our digital radiography suite allows our team to take more accurate “pictures” while reducing your pet’s radiation exposure. The technology also allows the veterinarian to manipulate the image, increasing diagnostic accuracy.

Veterinary Blood Lab
We offer on-site laboratory service allowing our team fast and accurate diagnosis. For specified or more complex blood tests, samples are sent out daily, with most results available the next day.

Tonometry measures the pressure in your pet’s eyes. This tool is particularly important in diagnosing glaucoma, a painful eye ailment. The risk for glaucoma increases with age.  Tonometry is non-invasive and recommended if you have any concerns regarding your pet’s eye health.

Ultrasound is a non-invasive diagnostic tool which utilizes sound waves to produce an image of internal structures.  We offer ultrasound diagnostic services by appointment.

Endoscopy is a tube-like scope and camera which offers the veterinarian a real-time view of internal structures. Endoscopy services are available by appointment.