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Is Your Pet Overindulging This Season? Watch Out for Pancreatitis in Dogs

The holiday season is often considered a time for overindulgence, splurges and general merriment. All of these can be fun but too much of anything can lead to trouble, for you and your dogs. Read up on the most common holiday health complaint in the veterinary world, pancreatitis, as explained by our colleagues at VetStreet.

Let's Talk Turkey About Your Pets and Thanksgiving

The last thing any pet owner wants to do on Thanksgiving is rush their pet to the animal emergency room. The sad truth is that many pets are injured or poisoned around Thanksgiving. Read this article from the Vermont Veterinary Medical Association and make sure your holiday doesn’t end in disaster!

Bunnies and Chicks for Easter: Buyer Beware

It's tempting to replace the chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps with adorable live baby animals. Read the press release from the VVMA about the proper care and commitment necessary to have these animals as pets and why you may prefer the sweeter option.