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April is "Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs" Month

If you've ever seen a tick - especially if it is on you or your pet friend - you'll never forget it. Ticks can cause people and pets endless hours of suffering and is a potentially life-threatening disease.

New Pet to the Vet, What should I expect?

If you are adopting a young animal, the first few months with your new pet will be busy with visits to your veterinarian.  Young animals need to be tested for infectious diseases, most should be spayed or neutered and they need a number of vaccines to be protected from diseases.

Rabies Virus is a Global Disease

Rabies is a viral disease in mammals that causes inflammation of the brain and without post-exposure treatment, is invariably followed by death. Most commonly rabies is transmitted by a bite from an infected animal, but occasionally it is transmitted by other forms of contact (i.e. saliva in an open wound).