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September 28 is World Rabies Awareness Day: How to Prevent This Killer Disease

What would you do if you found your dog outside fighting with a raccoon? Or if you found your inside-only cat playing with a dying bat inside your home? You might think that these are uncommon occurrences, but these scenarios do happen and could have a deadly outcome. Rabies remains a major concern worldwide, killing more than 55,000 people every year.

Pet Insurance: Is it worth it? Maybe.

Human health insurance is a jungle of confusion and many people wonder, ‘Is it really worth the hassle to get insurance for my pets, too?’ The answer is: maybe.

Daycare: It’s Not Just for Human Kids!

Going back to school every year is a big thing for students all over, what must it be like for our home-bound companions? Where is my family going? Will they return? Oh, dear! For many dogs who need attention and exercise during the day while the family is away, attending a “doggie daycare” facility allows them a positive distraction from missing their families.

Xylitol now found in certain peanut and nut butters

When we give our dogs something tasty, like peanut butter, we wouldn’t have often thought that it might contain a dangerous ingredient, after all, it’s peanut butter! With the growing popularity of natural sugar substitutes, xylitol- a natural sweetener known to cause hypoglycemia and hepatic necrosis in dogs - is showing up in some unlikely places. Read the article from DVM360 about hidden risks to your pet’s health.

The Story on Leptospirosis

Leptosporosis is a hot topic in the veterinary world. At least once each year your veterinary team wants to boost your dog's Leptospirosis vaccine or checks in to see if your dog is vaccinated. Have you wondered, 'Why?' or 'What is Lepto and what's the big deal?' Read the article, courtesy of the AVMA, to find out more.

It's Hip to Chip: Microchipping Your Pets

June is National Pet Microchipping Month and KVVC want to give you information and encourage you to have your pets microchipped. Have you ever wondered about microchipping your pet? Pondered the benefits? Asked, is it necessary?

Disaster Preparedness for Pets

You have a plan for yourself, but do you have one for your pets? Take a bit of time to think about what your pet might need if a disaster strikes. Read the full article, courtesy of our friends and heroes in the Vermont Disaster Animal Rescue Team (VDART), for tips and things to consider

The Confusing World of Pet Parasite Prevention

We published a blog in March about the importance of preventing flea infestations and tick troubles before they rear their ugly heads. Of course, every product wants to be the best and may even claim to be the best, but who really knows? Preventatives are also expensive and it is tempting to go bargain hunting, but that savings can come at a cost. Your veterinary team is always looking out for your pet and is prepared to answer questions and give advice.

Pet Allergies Are Nothing To Sneeze At!

Spring has sprung! For those of us who suffer from seasonal allergies, we know just how miserable they can make us feel. Maybe you have a food allergy that has you checking labels and asking questions when you go out to eat. Humans are not unique in their sensitivities and many of our more noble companions have similar issues that can show up in ways that we might not understand. Read the full article published by the VVMA and find out more.

Bunnies and Chicks for Easter: Buyer Beware

It's tempting to replace the chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps with adorable live baby animals. Read the press release from the VVMA about the proper care and commitment necessary to have these animals as pets and why you may prefer the sweeter option.