Pet Insurance: Is it worth it? Maybe.

Pet Insurance: Is it worth it? Maybe.

Posted on Sep 04, 2015 by hannah

Human health insurance is a jungle of confusion and many people wonder, ‘Is it really worth the hassle to get insurance for my pets, too?’  The answer is: maybe. 

There are many factors to consider when lookingto purchasing pet insurance. The breed and age of your pet or where you live can increase the likelihood of certain health conditions and therefore the potential for increased healthcare costs.  Different insurance companies offer different packages and degrees of coverage, but ultimately the purpose of pet insurance is to save you hardship from large, unanticipated veterinary bills.

Cost is always a consideration when shopping for insurance, but don’t let it be the deciding factor.  If you are seriously thinking of getting coverage for your pet, do careful research on what each company and each individual plan will cover.  Some of the less expensive plans will cover less basic care and may be more likely to deny claims on emergency or elective treatments and procedures.  For example, some plans will cover accidents but not illnesses or preventative care, etc.  Consider what it is your pet will most likely need and see which plan seems the most tailored to your needs. 

Many insurance companies offer different types of coverage plans based on the breed of your pet.  Our companions are bred for looks and personality, but in order to breed such specific characteristics, many purebred animals are also predisposed to certain health issues.  For example, large breed dogs often suffer from hip dysplasia. 

Age can also be a factor in buying insurance for your pet.  While most plans start coverage quite young (6-8 weeks) of age, it can become more difficult and costly to obtain coverage as our pets age, since waning health often comes with advanced age.

One thing you never need to worry about is whether your veterinarian is in your pet’s health coverage network.  You must pay for all treatment up front, but the veterinarian who provided care to your pet can fill out a claim form and you, the client/pet owner, are reimbursed directly by your insurance provider. 

An excellent resource when considering what type of coverage you may need for your pet is Pet Insurance Review, which has comprehensive lists of Pet Insurance providers and allows you to compare plans and rates on one site.