Preventing Cruelty and Neglect through Education, Aid and Rescue

Preventing Cruelty and Neglect through Education, Aid and Rescue

Posted on Mar 27, 2015 by hannah

Often times, cruelty towards animals not intentional. Some just don’t realize that they not providing adequate care or are keeping their animal’s in an environment that is dangerous to their well-being. This is where organizations like humane societies, rescue leagues and animal control departments can help. They can provide information and resources that help owners improve the quality of life for their animals and maintain ownership. However, if an animal faces imminent danger or abuse, local law enforcement may need to intervene, pursuant to RSA 644:8.

If you contact anyone about a situation of concern, give as much information from you as possible to determine the best response for a case of suspected animal cruelty. In most cases, an informant’s identity is kept confidential, but if an owner is pursued for criminal charges their information may be required for court proceedings.


How you can help
You can help prevent animal cruelty by being aware of the condition of animals in your neighborhood and recognizing signs which might indicate cruelty, including:

  • Abandonment
  • Depriving an animal of proper shelter
  • Depriving an animal of proper food and water
  • Injuring an animal on purpose
  • Overworking or misusing animals bred for labor
  • Leaving an animal in a vehicle or confined space where the temperature is inappropriate
  • Transporting an animal improperly

If you are concerned about the care of any animal, please inform an appropriate agency (Humane Society, local shelters or rescues, Police Department, or animal control officer). These agencies are equipped to evaluate the situation and take appropriate action when necessary.


Local Animal Welfare Resources:

Your Local Police Department

Upper Valley Humane Society: (603) 448-6888

Lucy MacKenzie Humane Society: (802) 484-5829

Vermont Volunteer Services for Animals: (802) 672-5302