Microchip Identification for Your Pet

Microchip Identification for Your Pet

Posted on Jun 05, 2014 by admin

Microchip Your Pets! Google Reunited with Worried Family.

From MSPCA Angell

At Nevins Farm every cat, dog, and ferret that leaves our facility does so with a microchip that is registered to his or her new owner. Why do we microchip? Simply because they are truly the best way to be able to reunite lost pets with their owners quickly.

A microchip is a small only about the size of a grain of rice and in animals it is inserted under the skin in the area between the shoulder blades. When scanned the microchip shows up as a series of numbers on the scanner. This series of numbers tells the shelter, animal control or vet office who to call to get the owner contact information.  The company that makes the microchip has the microchip's number in a database that also lists the owners contact info so that they can be contacted when their pet is found.

Just last week we had a wonderful reunion between a lost pet and a worried family that truly was only possibly soo quickly due to the animal being microchipped.

Google was a ferret adopted from us about a year ago. Google's family took good care of him and let him have free time outside his cage every night to play and run around. Google got his name due to his curious nature and it was that trait that got him into trouble. One night a few weeks ago Google's owner Edward let the playful ferret out of his cage like normal. While Google was running around his owner had to briefly go into another room of the house. upon returning just a few minutes later he found Google nowhere to be found.  Finally his owner discovered a small whole in the screen window and realized Google had slipped through.

Edward acted quickly and called Home Again ( the microchip)  to report his ferret missing, he also put flyers around the neighborhood.

Ferrets are able to "weasel" their way into tiny places and Google proved this not only in the way he escaped but also by where he was found.  The next day a "stray" ferret showed up at our shelter. The family that found him said they were walking their dog and saw the ferret poking his head out from inside a wood pile.  We took the ferret in and scanned him on intake. He was indeed chipped and we did his adoption a year ago so we had his contact email and a phone number. We were able to reach Edward over email by the very next day and Google made it home safe and sound. 

I can't say how happy I was to see Google reunited with his owners. Too often we get "stray" animals in at the shelter an without a microchip their chances of being returned to their families is very slim as little as even 2% in cases of stray cats.  In Google's case he was very lucky he was found quickly and reunited with his worried owners with in just a couple days.  If Google didn't have a microchip this most likely would have been a much different story.

If you haven't already Please consider microchipping your pet. It can truly get them back to you if they are ever lost so quickly.

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