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Preparing Your Outside Animals for Winter

The Vermont Veterinary Medical Association wants to remind you that winter is right around the corner and it is time to think about things you can do to help your outside animals be prepared for winter. A little time and work now can save you a lot of trouble later.

What You Need to Know About Inflammation and Arthritis in Dogs

Does your pet slow down when the mercury heads south? We hate to remind you that the weather is getting colder, but it is important to know how these changes can effect our pets health and well being as well as our own.

Surviving Summer in a Fur Coat : Heat Dangers for our Pets

Hot fun in the summer can easily become dangerous for our furry friends. Our colleagues at the Vermont Veterinary Medical Association recently published this PSA on some of the common dangers of summer weather and the proper precautions to take in avoiding tragedy.

Vermont Veterinarians say Pets, Like Humans, Need Regular Checkups

You know that dental health is an important part of keeping your pet healthy. We owners brush and floss and say "Ah!" for the dentist. What do we do for our animals and who is the right one to do the job? Our colleagues at the Vermont Veterinary Medical Association answer the question.

Scared About Anesthesia? Don't Let Your Fears Make You Put Off Dental Care for Your Pets.

Have you wanted to have your pet's dental health addressed, but been avoiding it because of anesthesia? We know that pets need dental care too, but we can't ask them to hold still and say, "AH." This article from our colleagues at VetStreet explains why anesthesia is the safest and best option for proper dental procedures.

Is Your Pet Overindulging This Season? Watch Out for Pancreatitis in Dogs

The holiday season is often considered a time for overindulgence, splurges and general merriment. All of these can be fun but too much of anything can lead to trouble, for you and your dogs. Read up on the most common holiday health complaint in the veterinary world, pancreatitis, as explained by our colleagues at VetStreet.

Let's Talk Turkey About Your Pets and Thanksgiving

The last thing any pet owner wants to do on Thanksgiving is rush their pet to the animal emergency room. The sad truth is that many pets are injured or poisoned around Thanksgiving. Read this article from the Vermont Veterinary Medical Association and make sure your holiday doesn’t end in disaster!

Pets and Obesity: What You Need to Know

Have you ever looked at your pooch and wondered, "Are you pudgy?" Or admired your fat feline? Is your pet more than pleasantly plump? Read through these guidelines for determining what is the best action to take on behalf of your pets health.

Issues & Answers: Feral and Free-roaming Cats

Our friends at Boston's MSPCA Angell answer your questions about some of the cats you may see roaming and what you and your veterinary team can do for them.

How to Keep Your Pet Reptile Safe in Winter

Now that the air is getting colder and the nights are getting longer, reptilian pets need more special considerations than our furry companions.